Conservative Congressman turned talk show host Joe Walsh took to Twitter in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Dallas on Thursday night to deliver a threat to the people he took to be either behind it or who create a climate that allowed for it to happen. One of those people, according to him? The President. 

In a now-deleted tweet, Walsh told President Obama to "watch out" because "Real America is coming after you." 

Walsh's tweets that followed continued to rage against what he called "cop haters," Obama inclusive.

In recent years, Walsh has been dropped from numerous radio stations for a variety of reasons, including for using racial slurs on air. He has announced that if Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, he will run for the office in 2020.

Anger at Walsh's now-deleted tweet spread quickly.

After his tweet stirred up controversy, Walsh clarified that he was only telling people to "defend our cops," not calling for violence.