UPDATE 06/20/16: The number of Oakland police officers Celeste Guap says she slept with has been amended to "at least 14," according to ABC News. In wake of the scandal, the Oakland Police Department has lost three chiefs in eight days

Original story below: 

After the abrupt resignation of Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent Thursday for his alleged involvement in a department wide sex scandal, the Oakland Police department is now being accused of providing the woman at the center of the scandal intelligence on undercover operations.

The woman who’s been identified as Celeste Guap claims two Oakland police officers protected her from anti-prostitution stings by texting confidential intelligence that included tips and arrest records.

Guap says she’s had sex with two dozen current and former officers across five cities, three of them before she turned 18 in August 2015.

One of the officers involved in the scandal is a retired police captain in his 80s who allegedly paid her $250 for sex in a motel. The captain admitted his misconduct to the East Bay Express and told them he "found her because she was friends with lots of other officers on Facebook." He requested to stay anonymous for health concerns. "Please don't publish my name. I will die. I have a heart condition," he said. 

Barry Donelan​, president of Oakland's police union, said in a press conference he is "mortified and deeply embarrassed" by the accusations. He added, "If any of this is true, it is an absolute betrayal of what we stand for."

The investigation began in September 2015, when Oakland Officer Brendan O'Brien, committed suicide and admitted to having an affair with Guap while she was still underage. O’Brien was married and named other officers in his suicide note.