The UK has voted to leave the European Union in a dramatic and historic moment for British politics.

Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) appeared on TV on the morning of the narrowly-won result to discuss what happens following the referendum.

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid took Farage to task on the Vote Leave campaign's pledge that Britain's weekly spend of £350 million for being part of the EU would instead be spent on the NHSa claim that has been repeated many times during the campaign and even ended up as a large slogan on a campaign bus.

Asked whether £350 million would be spent on the NHS following the result of the referendum, Farage said he couldn't guarantee it would. Continuing Farage said: "I would never have made that claim, and it's one of the mistakes the Leave campaign made and would be a guarantee I can never make."

Nigel Farage said it was a "mistake" to claim £350 million would be spent on the NHS.