From National Talk Like a Pirate Day to National Margarita Day, it seems like every day now comes with some sort of celebration attached to it. And apparently May 19 marks #NationalSendaNudeDay. Beside being Kim Kardashian's favorite holiday (we think), it's a day when you can strip down to your birthday suit and send that special someone—or your newest Tinder match—a nude selfie.  

The hashtag quickly became a trend on Twitter, amassing over 160,000 tweets by late afternoon Thursday. People had all sorts of responses to the trend: sarcastic, critical, promotional, and then there were those who earnestly wondered why no one had bothered sexting them yet.

Rapper Little Dicky encouraged everyone to share and share alike.

Jason Mewes aka Jay from Jay and Silent Bob even got in on the fun with a still from Clerks II.

Many users were actively awaiting a sexy photo sent to their direct messages. 

Some women pushed back against the day by sharing "nude" photos. 

Brands even got in on the fun, as they tend to do when anything becomes a trend.

A few clever users picked up on the fact that #BadIdeasin5Words was also trending. 

In the meantime, Happy Thursday.