Feeling lonely? Your Tinder not blowing up? Your chirpse game letting you down? This new piece tech could be the answer. Made by a company called Tenga, it’s a full body suit complete with VR goggles, a fleshlight, and a pair of squeezable prosthetic breasts, as well as being lined with sensors that send impulses that make the wearer feel like they being touched by another human (instead of just rolling around in a pool of your own fluids and self pity).

As you can see from the video above, it looks absolutely terrifying (and sorry for that image now being stuck in your head all day). It is designed to be used with an interactive game called Sexy Beach, where you basically wonder around a beach having sex with girls. The suit, named the Illusion VR,  retails for around $400, but if you were planning an intimate night in with it this weekend, we’ve got bad news — it’s already sold out.

[via Inside Reality]