There's finally a video that rivals in death-defying craziness that time a guy caught a baby that randomly fell from a two-story window, and coincidentally, it also happened in China. 

Somehow, disaster was avoided once again, and captured on a vehicle's dash cam, according to China's Xinhua News via BuzzfeedAccording to their report, the latch on the back hatch of the van was loose when the light turned green, causing the door to pop open and the child, who appears to be about 2, to land on the asphalt. 

The couple in the vehicle behind the van can be heard saying, "Ouch," after the child falls out, before yelling, “There’s a child, MY GOODNESS!”

You have to give the little kid credit, rather than stand there, they immediately started running toward the van which was already driving off into the distance. When the driver, the child's grandfather apparently, is finally seen running back to the scene, you can hear the people who rescued the child ask, "You didn't notice?"

The grandfather explained to Xinhua that the little boy was placed in the passenger seat, but had quietly sneaked to the back area before falling out.