At this point you're probably familiar with the displays of human depravity that have taken place at Donald Trump rallies. For example there's the unfortunate recurrence of the Nazi salutes, which popped up first in Chicago and then again in Cleveland. Acts of violence are also not uncommon at Trump rallies. At a rally in North Carolina a 78-year-old Trump supporter John McGraw sucker-punched a black protestor, and Trump even said he would consider paying McGraw's incurred legal fees after taking a closer look at the incident. Now it's time for a Bernie Sanders rally to be in the spotlight, albeit for a relatively harmless reason: The Washington Post reports that a topless woman interrupted a Bernie Sanders rally in Phoenix to protest Trump.

A Bernie fan who earlier protested Trump took her shirt off & jumped on a man's shoulders at tonight's Sanders rally

— Danny Freeman (@DannyEFreeman) March 20, 2016 

While Sanders was in the middle of his speech about greed on Wall Street, a woman in the crowd climbed onto a man's shoulders to call attention to the messages written on her back and front sides. The message on her back said "STOP FASCISM," and the message on her front, which was completely bare save the two "Free the Nipple" stickers that she sported, said "HATE SPEECH IS NOT FREE SPEECH." The woman has been identified as Anni Ma from Los Angeles.

Ma took her efforts to a Bernie rally after she was unable to get into a Trump rally in Fountain Hills, Ariz. Apparently Sanders paused for a quick second upon seeing Ma's display of bold activism, and then continued his speech about Wall Street. It's safe to say that Ma feels the Bern, and maybe a little more.