This might be a shock, but it turns out News Corporation – the company owned by Rupert Murdoch, who bankroll staunch right-wing commentators such as Andrew Bolt – does in fact have an ethical backbone. 

Small-time anti-Islam political party Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) have put the media giant on blast after the company rejected the ALA's advertising spend.

In the video above, the President of the ALA Debbie Robinson is crying foul after booking advertisements to run across News Corp's network of websites, only for the ads to ultimately be rejected. The ads were booked to spread the word about the ALA’s National Tour.

For reasons not disclosed, the ads were run on Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, but not elsewhere on the network.

In the video, Robinson starts by saying people are full of advice for the political party;  

“The first thing people say to me is ‘you should;' ... 'You should be advertising.'" Before going on to talk about News Corp rejecting the ads on the grounds that the anti-Islam group's extreme views don't fit the media conglomerate's brand.

Robinson also claims people often provide the advice; 'You should be promoting other policies, not just anti-Islam ones." It's at this point maybe Robinson should step back and think that advertising isn't the problem here. If all people know about your political party is you oppose a religion, it might be time to change tactics. 

Also, if you oppose Islam, your party acronym shouldn't be ALA. "Vote 1 ALA" sounds a lot like "Vote 1 Allah."