If anything could speak to the absurdity of today’s politics, it’s the mental image of America’s forefather’s coming back to life only to deathdrop right into their graves. In the past seven days alone, we’ve seen presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Ted Cruz exchanging cheap shots over their wives, with the latter reportedly purchasing the rights to a racy photo of Melania Trump from a GQ cover story.

This are heating up on the Democratic side, with Twitter going in after a Clinton aid explained why she turned down another debate with Bernie Sanders. "I think he’s going to campaign like a Brooklynite, and she’s going to campaign like a senator who represented this state for eight years and has lived here for 16,"  Joel Benenson told journalist Kate Bolduan during CNN’s At This Hour, according to Time. "This is a man who said he’d never run a negative ad ever. He’s now running them; they’re now planning to run more. Let’s see the tone of the campaign he wants to run before we get to any other questions."

In response, Sanders supporters took to Twitter with #ToneDownForWhat–which is trending worldwide. This comes days after the Vermont senator’s social media savvy crew created the meme and trending topic #BirdieSanders, when a bird flew onto his podium.

Twitter hath spoken.