Donald Trump, a man who happens to be running for president, was not above bragging about his penis size in an actual political debate after opponent Marco Rubio (now out of the race) made fun of his "small hands." So it shouldn't be a surprise Petty Trump would use unimaginative movie references and bad photoshop jobs to accuse his former bro Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton of being liars. Cruz responded the only way he knew how, with more '90s movie references. At the center of all of this? Jim Carrey.

Business Insider reports that Trump launched the first attack when he tweeted a Twitter poll asking: "Who should star in a reboot of Liar Liar—Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz? Let me know." (Clinton is winning FYI.) Linked in the tweet was a photo on Trump's Instagram featuring the poster for the Jim Carrey-starring Liar Liar—not to be confused with the Amanda Bynes-starring Big Fat Liar—with Cruz's head photoshopped on. 

What kind of monster encourages reboots?! 

Cruz responded tweeting a photo of Trump photoshopped onto the Jim Carrey-starring Me, Myself, And Irene. As Business Insider notes, the film is about a man with split personality disorder. Cruz got a little more creative titling the Trump-led film Me, Myself & Don featuring the tagline: "I'm very capable of changing to anything I want to change to."

Trump has long been criticized for flip flopping on things he's said in the past. When Fox News called him out for it at the Detroit GOP debate he called it being "flexible." 

Trump has yet to respond to Cruz's trolling.