Two suspects have been identified by authorities following Tuesday's harrowing terrorist attacks in Brussels, with others still believed to be on the loose. Khalid El Bakroui and Brahim El Barkoui were named during a press conference on Wednesday, CNN reports. Prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw told reporters Brahim was suspected as one of the suicide bombers responsible for the airport attack, while his brother Khalid (pictured on the left below) was suspected of the explosion near the Maelbeek subway station.

A third suspect, who remains at large despite previous reports of his capture, is believed to have left another explosive at the airport. Though the first two explosives detonated within 37 seconds of each other early Tuesday morning, the third bomb was later discovered and detonated by authorities using a controlled explosion method.

According to authorities, the El Bakraoui brothers both had a history of criminal activity but no prior documented connection to terrorist activity. After seeing a security image of the three airport suspects, a taxi driver contacted investigators to reveal that he believed he had transported the trio to the airport the same day. The taxi driver's tip eventually prompted a raid in Schaerbeek.

Though one person is still being reported as arrested following the Brussels attacks, previous reports of that person being a known suspect in either attack have now been downplayed. According to the prosecutor’s office, the third airport suspect—and possibly others involved in the attacks—are believed to be still on the run.