Footage of a hilariously terrified construction worker entering a full-on sprint at the sight of what appears to be a bear is making the usual viral rounds, and for good reason. Though the admittedly crowded world of pranks is often made even more annoying with the arrival of yet another attempt at going down in prank history, this one is different. As this faux bear prank makes quite clear, making the practice of pranking the hell out of your co-workers feel fresh again doesn’t necessarily require totally reinventing the wheel.

As other co-workers secretly record the action, an aloof construction worker slowly makes his way around the corner of a building to find himself greeted with a decidedly not cuddly bear. The footage, picked up by the New York Daily News on Wednesday, then captures the pranked construction worker's hurried escape before meeting his inevitable fate: tripping and falling to the soundtrack of his so-called friends' gregarious laughter.

Given the fact the past few years have indeed been pretty kind to the bear community, this prank actually serves as a kind of tribute to the beloved caniforms. Just last September, a delightful group of food-seeking bears invaded and promptly proceeded to rule an entire Russian town.

With the assistance of iconic director Alejandro González Iñárritu, bears also helped guide our guy Leonardo DiCaprio to a long overdue Oscar victory for his bear-centered role in The Revenant. Sadly, Leonardo DiCaprio didn't specifically mention bears at all in his acceptance speech.

Much respect to all the bears out there.