Hillary Clinton, presidential hopeful and she of the ill dab, has won the Nevada Democratic caucus in Las Vegas, beating Sen. Bernie Sanders. The win comes following a surprise endorsement earlier today from Will Ferrell, who was previously listed as a celebrity endorsement on the Sanders campaign website, according to TheWrap. Could Ferrell's stamp of approval have sealed the deal for Clinton's win in Las Vegas? It's tough to say for certain, but he certain did a fine job of reminding everyone to be prompt come caucus hour. Peep the video above.

Clinton and Sanders have been neck-and-neck since the primaries began, with Clinton taking home a narrow win in Iowa and Bernie in New Hampshire. And, as we pointed out in an earlier post, reports indicate that both candidates' campaign funds are about the same. As of January, the Associated Press reported that Sanders' campaign had raised $33 million in three months, while Clinton had raised $37 million.

Following her projected win today, Clinton took to her Twitter to thank her supporters.

As the Huffington Post reports, Nevada was a significant triumph for Clinton's campaign and indicates that she may be able to win the ticket over Sanders with the support of minority voters. Clinton is projected to do well in Southern states, and with South Carolina's Democratic primary on the horizon, today's win may offer some insight as to how both campaigns will fare in next week's primary.