Christmas might be well over, but Florida is the gift that keeps on giving. This time around, a woman was caught shoplifting after leaving behind two parting giftsa cellphone and a puddle of urine.

According to, a 27-year-old woman named Brooke Amber Sutton brought 18 items into an Ann Taylor dressing room in Miramar Beach and removed the tags. She inexplicably peed on the floor and left the store virtually undetected. An employee found the tags along with a cellphone she left behind.

Authorities used the phone to track her husband, who gave them a description of the car she was driving. However, that’s not why she was caught. Sutton then went to Saks Off Fifth, where she tried to steal six pairs of jeans under a men’s coat. She set off a security alarm and was approached by a deputy, who found additional stolen items in her vehicle.

Sutton was arrested and charged with two counts of felony retail theft. She is currently out on bail.