Not every Vine is going to become an internet sensation like "Damn Daniel." Some may actually get you suspended from work. That’s what happened to a Buffalo, NY police officer who finds himself on the receiving end of disciplinary action for such videos.

WGRZ reports that Richard Hy has been suspended without pay for the vines posted on an account with the name "Angry Cops." The six-second clips are said to have violated the police department's social media policy.

 In one video, he appears with white substance in a plastic bag and traces splattered under his nose, claiming to have stolen coke from the evidence locker. Another shows emergency vehicles which he said were responding to two overdoses at drug court.

The department initiated an internal investigation, which is ongoing, once they were made aware of the videos’ existence. No word yet on what additional actions will be taken.

Although he may have failed at trying to bring smiles to some faces, a group of officers in Macon, Georgia are being lauded for making a kid’s day after he was bullied over torn up shoes. They bought him a new pair which he reportedly wore to bed. Dope.

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