1. Nike

Year Company Founded: 1964

Year Logo Introduced: 1971

Logo Designer: Carolyn Davidson (1971), Nike (1978, 1985, 1995)

Company Founders: Bill Bowerman, Philip Knight

First founded as Blue Ribbon Sports, an import company, Nike did not come into existence until 1971, when the company expanded into the production of their own sports footwear. The now iconic Nike "Swoosh" was selected half-heartedly by co-founder Philip Knight who said "I don't love it, but it will grow on me."

Carolyn Davidson, who at the time received only $35 for her work, was inspired by Nike, the namesake Greek goddess of victory, to create the Swoosh which implied movement and speed. Updating the logo in 1978, Nike opted for a bolder, all-caps font and a slight re-positioning of the Swoosh. The Swoosh went on to become one of the most iconic images in the world, so much that in 1995 the company chose to remove the brand name of the original design, leaving the Swoosh as the sole symbol of the company.

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