7. McDonald's

Year Company Founded: 1940

Year Logo Introduced: 1940

Logo Designer: Jim Schindler (1962)

Company Founders: Richard McDoland, Maurice McDonald

When McDonald's first emerged, the company was known as "McDonald's Famous Barbeque," hence the 1940 logo that fittingly featured the name of the company with two parallel lines emphasizing the "Famous." In 1948, the company was renamed "McDonald's Famous Hamburgers," and from 1948 to 1953, the company logo featured a slightly creepy animation of a cook. In 1953, McDonald's introduced Speedee as the mascot for the franchise, and he remained until 1960 when the Golden Arches were born. Stanley Meston, the man behind the Golden Arches, drew on the architecture of the McDonald's restaurants at the time for his design of the two arches forming an "M" with a dash cutting across.

In 1968, the company simplified the "M" and turned the "McDonald's" logotype black, creating an almost Halloween-like color scheme, which would stay in use until 1983. In 1983, the logo was transformed into what is now associated with the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. Atop a red background, the logotype became white, and the arches went back to being golden. In 2003, "i'm lovin' it' was added below the golden "M," a slogan that was translated into various languages and went on to be splattered all over the company's packaging and restaurants. Part of a "Forever Young" redesign in 2006, McDonalds introduced its most simplified logo of all time, a plain and iconic golden "M" that suffices as a symbol for the company world-wide to present day.

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