Written by Chris Danforth.

For as long as street culture movements have existed, there have been particular areas that personify progression; climates of growth, development, and maturation. These meccas are places we look to in identifying emerging creatives—the SoHos, Harajukus, and Shoreditches, which have always spawned first-movers. In a somewhat unexpected turn, recent years have seen several areas in Canada emerge in the fashion landscape, resulting in an increased focus upon a country that is being looked to more and more by the streetwear world.

Gear from the Great White North is being embraced by kids around the globe, and it’s no coincidence if you’ve been following along; there are more than just flannels and toques (see "beanie" if American) being churned out. The phenomenon is twofold: relevant clothing brands and top-tier boutiques, with Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal acting as the major hubs in this cultural shift. Each of these cities offers an engagingly different flavour and approach to style, yet there is no shortage of commonalities from West to East. Canada has stayed stunting in recent memory, despite all the bad press we’re getting from crack-smoking mayors and dipshit pop stars.

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