Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Notable Businesses: Haven, Inventory, Meat & BreadLivestock, Acme CafeNeighbour, Roden Gray, Stussy

Gastown has become a menswear hotbed as of late, with well-regarded shops like Haven, Inventory, and Roden Gray holding down the scene. Established the same year Canada became a nation, Gaston is the oldest neighborhood in Vancouver. There's been a different vibe here, dating all the way back to the Gastown Riots of 1971 where police battled with hippies who had organized a smoke-in inside of the neighborhood. Gastown's blocks are full of gorgeous Victorian buildings that provide unique scenery for what's currently an emerging neighborhood. It also offers a mix of cool boutique fashion shops, interior design stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and real estate. Naturally, creative types are drawn to the neighborhood, but it's also become a prime location for law firms and new media. The neighborhood hosts the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix. All in all, Gastown is home to numerous well-dressed people whose grassroots style reflects the community.