Toronto Mayor Rob Ford simply cannot be stopped. After weathering a storm that would've destroyed a lesser man, R-Fo is now gracing the cover of Complex Magazine. There are numerous reasons why he can now boast of having the same honor as Kanye West, Pharrell, Beyoncé, Rihanna, etc—he continued to do the best job he could for the taxpayers of Toronto; he dealt with the haters in an honorable manner; and, let's not forget, dude is one of the best-dressed politicians out there.

There's no political figure that keeps it so real in realpolitik. And one thing Ford knows for damn sure: If you have aspirations to one day lord over a major city, then you're going to have to dress the part. Whether he's kissing babies or kissing that sweet crack pipe, these are Style Tips You Can Learn From Complex's Latest Cover Star: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

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