It's hard to hate Jeremy Lin. He's an undrafted player out of Harvard that's living the dream. Lin went from zero to hero in a flash. But we're talking about Knicks fans here. One minute they love you and the next minute they're flipping you and your kid the bird as you leave the Garden. Linsanity was nothing short of magical and we can't blame the kid for trying to get his money, but he is not worth all that money.

So far, he's proving that the Knicks (wait for it) made a wise decision by not matching Houston's offer sheet. Players and fans hate him because they feel like he doesn't deserve all the hype. Yes, the hatred has something to do with race, but it's more about his skills. As of right now, he's shooting 38 percent from the field and the Rockets are tied for fourth in most turnovers per game.