Director: Mark Tonderai
Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue, Max Thierot, Gil Bellows

Jennifer Lawrence had an amazing 2012, with the humongous blockbuster The Hunger Games and her most likely Academy Award-nominated performance in Silver Linings Playbook. However, if a stranger were to meet her, find out she's an actress, and ask what movies she's been in recently, there's no chance in hell that Ms. Lawrence would ever say, in addition to those successes, "And I was also in this horror film called House at the End of the Street." She and her handlers would be wise to ignore this turkey's existence.

There's a decent little teenybopper thriller hidden somewhere inside this sloppily constructed quasi-riff on Psycho. It's just too bad that the film—about a girl who moves next door to a social outcast who may or may not be harboring some deep, dark family secrets—parlays its so-so first half into an idiotic, overly ambitious second half that's triggered by a ridiculous twist and some unconvincingly manic acting from co-star Mac Thierot.