Appears in: Silent Hill (2006)
Scariest moment: With sirens ringing, Silent Hill's petrified churchgoers watch in horror as Pyramid Head grabs a young woman, lifts her in the air, and tears all of her skin off in one swoop, as if her flesh is a tabelecloth and she's the table.
Weakness: People with thick skin...literally.

Don't believe the critics who lambasted director Christophe Gans' video game adaptation Silent Hill. Save for its admittedly clunky script, the film is a triumph of visual creep-outs, discomforting sound design, and dedication to disturbing audiences in any way possible. Taken directly from the popular Konami games, Silent Hill's most striking monster is Pyramid Head, a faceless punisher that drags its massive spear on the ground and yanks the skin off its victims in one swoop.