Lupe Fiasco has always been a little bit unpredictable, and today he hit us with a left hook called "Express." The song is a Chinese food-centric remix of Desiigner's "Panda," and it's actually pretty awesome. Lupe drops rhymes like "Chili sauce on the panda/Chow mein be redder than Santa," and "Fortune cookie told me my future/It said that I'm gonna be super." The whole thing is definitely a little bit tongue-in-cheek, and obviously strikes a much different tone from his more political-minded raps, but it's still a ton of fun to listen to. Nobody but Lupe could take such funny subject matter and make it sound like a legitimate song.

Although it's been mostly quiet from Lupe musically since he dropped Testuo & Youth last year, the Chicago rapper is supposedly getting ready to release three albums this year. He revealed the cover art for the first album, titled Drogas, on Twitter back in January, and promised it would be arriving soon. The other two albums are currently titled Skulls and Roy, and he has said that he may retire after Roy drops. Then again, he's also said he wants to follow those albums up with The Cool 2, so as of now, it's not totally clear where he's headed.

While we wait to see what's in store for his music in 2016, you can stream Lupe Fiasco's "Express" below via SoundCloud.