All's well that ends well. Back in February, Cash Money's own Jacquees got into a brief war of words on Twitter with Toronto up-and-comer Tory Lanez. Fortunately for everyone involved, and for each rapper's many fans, it appears as though the beef has been nipped in the bud based on a picture that Jacquees posted to Instagram last night.


Me and Watermelon Head down 4Life! 🍊🍉 Cc: @donthypeme #GzUp #6side #SXSW

A photo posted by Jacquees (@jacquees) on Mar 18, 2016 at 10:00pm PDT

The feud kicked off when Jacquees declared in a now deleted tweet his respect for Chris Brown out one side of his mouth while declaring that he's going for the throat of everyone else out the other. "Chris my idol/big bro he don't count never will but you other guys im at yo throat." Lanez apparently didn't consider the proclamation serious and tweeted a couple of crying and laughing emoji's in response. That set Jacquees off and he came back with a spree of tweets against Lanez calling him both a "peasant," a "hater," and a "watermelon head."

Fortunately, Lanez didn't rise to the bait, which was probably the wise move and the two have clearly moved on to bigger and better things.