T.I. recently stopped by DJ Drama’s Streetz Is Watchin on Shade 45 to talk about a range of topics including his recent move to Tidal and Roc Nation, The Dime Trap, Young Thug, #OscarsSoWhite, and much more. In the later portion of the interview, Thugger made a surprise appearance and joined in the conversation to share his thoughts on Kanye West’s recent tweets about his plan to fix the Grammys.

Drama addressed 'Ye's tweets that said the Grammys needed to recognize Thug and Future.

Thug’s response was honest after some back and forth with Tip, which you can watch at the 29:35 mark.

T.I.: They didn't invite you to the Grammys?
Young Thug: No.
T.I.: Why not man?
Young Thug: I don’t know why they didn’t invite me to the Grammys. Yeah, that is a crazy question.


Young Thug: I think next year we going on. I had 24 hits on the Top 100. 24 of them was top 5. Why didn't I [go to the Grammys?] You been to the Grammys a couple times.
T.I.: What you mean?
Young Thug: I’m on my third semester; they didn’t let me do my thing.
T.I. Well, you know you still got time, baby. You still got time.
Young Thug: I don’t understand it though. Politics? I want every Grammy. We gonna live through this. I’m telling you I want to go.

When Drama asked what he’d wear to the Grammys, Thug’s answer was perfect.

“I might be barefeeted [sic] with $10,000 toe rings on with Fred Flinstone’s dress [that] cost $140,000. I don’t care what I might do.”

Tip was relaxed throughout his whole talk with Drama. The two have known each other for many years, so this was like old friends catching up. Read some more highlights from their interview below.

On him getting back to Trap Muzik T.I. on The Dime Trap: “Believe it or not, one of the main things people kind of gravitated towards as it pertains to me is the fact that I am still the same. I still probably more so than I should find myself in certain areas of society where people feel like you have no business here. I still pull up to the Déjà Vu, the afterhours spot, the Blue Ivory. That’s just because that is the source of my inspiration.”

On taking side in his friend’s beefs in the rap game: “I do not choose sides. I just pray you guys don’t kill each other.”

On PeeWee Roscoe going to prison for shooting up Lil Wayne’s tour bus: “I for one know that bruh didn’t do that. I know that. I know this. I also know he took a charge trying to stay solid for somebody. You know what I’m saying? And doing what a lot of motherfuckers out here ain’t really built to do. He might not be saying, ‘Hey man, it wasn’t me. It was such and such.’ But at the same time, I know he didn’t do it.”

On #OscarsSoWhite: "I feel two things. They are absolutely correct in all of their claims that the Oscars are so white that they disregard the contributions of African Americans or minority talent. I also feel like the Oscars cater to a very middle America, upper echelon, sophisticated, who’s who of old motherfuckers in Hollywood. [Laughs.] Why the fuck are we looking to them for our recognition? Why are we still looking to them to validate us?"

On the status of ATL 2: "The ATL 2 thing—this is the 10th anniversary. We are in the 10th year. And we had the shit ready to go. But what happened was it got to Dallas Austin and the shit just stopped there. I don’t know what happened. It just stopped right there. Remember when I told y’all it was all about respect, ego, pride, opinions, money, bitches and ballin’? One of these things has something to do with it. But I’m hoping we can get pass it. I since heard people spoke to Dallas and he said he was cool with it and we can come back to the table again. I just hope the same opportunities that were present and available then are still present and available for us now."