The Walker Wear RAW series, a collaborative campaign launching during Black History Month, aims to promote denim sustainability in a number of ways ranging from visual content to meaningful discussions.

"We want people to be more environmental," April Walker, creative architect and founder, said in a press release. "A washed and pre distressed jean requires around eleven gallons of water to achieve that worn look, and that's not counting the chemicals or extra manpower needed. The choice to use RAW denim is because aesthetically we're inspired by workwear, but most importantly, the idea is to reduce the overall environmental and human rights impact in this fashion industry."

Among those featured in the brand's RAW campaign are Kwasi Kwessi, Toni Grant, DOMO, Marci Rodgers, Keia Bounds, Jai Hudson, C.L. White, and Jannique Heard.

The social media spect of the campaign runs from February through March, and begins with the spotlight being put on an assortment of Black American stylists and wardrobe designers—all seen wearing Walker Wear pieces—whose work has previously been seen on ASAP Ferg, Spike Lee, and more.