5. The Hundreds
I know. You can't believe I put our own brand this high or this low. (Ben thinks I put us way too low).

We've been around for 8 years now, we've seen most of our competition come and go. I will proudly claim that we are the world's first and only social merchandising brand. We originated the relationship between streetwear and the Internet, and we still do it better than anyone else with over a million and a half unique readers a month. We have one of the most prominent logos in the game, I firmly believe our T-shirts are the smartest and most diverse, and our apparel design is always one step ahead (Plaids and flannels were integrated into the line in '07). The Hundreds has four of our own flagship stores, which have buildouts unparalleled to any other retail in the world. And out of anyone else in this list, we do our darndest to keep the spirit of streetwear alive, with deliberate distribution, staying cautious of volume retailers and most mall doors, pushing the scene and our fellow brands, and spending entire Saturdays writing out lists like these for free.

But then again, maybe I'm biased.