13. Diamond
While Nick Tershay has staunchly claimed for years that his is a skateboarding brand-not streetwear-I think his rabid followers would beg to disagree. What started out as a nuts-and-bolts skate supply company with an unrivaled pro team was introduced into the streetwear lexicon by way of the Diamond Dunk, arguably the most famous Nike Dunk sneaker of all time. His limited T-shirts are the choice of every prominent rapper in the game, as well as your favorite skaters' and pop culture personalities'. His Fairfax shop is home base for the Odd Future crowd, and Nick's Twitter count is at 30,000+. Somehow Diamond blows out in core skate accounts, mall doors, streetwear boutiques, and everywhere in between. I always say Nick has the Midas touch, meaning everything he touches turns to gold. Or even better, diamond.