3. A Bathing Ape
Perhaps the most sensationalized and hype-fueled brand in the top 50, A Bathing Ape catapulted cult streetwear into the mainstream in the 2000s, showing up on the backs of all the right tastemakers and fashionistas worldwide. At the same time, the Planet of the Apes-inspired company enforces minimal access to their goods, strictly set against wholesale, meaning the only place you can find Bape is going direct to the source. Not necessarily a burden considering their award-winning shops throughout Japan, London, Hong Kong, and the U.S. are part of the overall Bape customer experience. Ironic, though, that the business which jump-started all-over print would soon itself be all over, closing storefronts and selling to Hong Kong's I.T group earlier this year. But the Bape brand and heritage continue on, still impressing upon their dedicated customer, who still, very much, goes ape.