When you're in the business of dudes wearing clothes on the Internet, nostalgia is a currency you trade heavily in. From pretending our dads were cool, to idolizing a bunch of dead racists, to quoting rappers who rap raps about cartoons and cereal, the past is something we hold dear. So, we're finna take things back, way back. Like, before Subway toasted their subs back. Let's travel in our digital DeLorean to a time when we were just kids. A time when anything was possible. A time before we cared about clothes, but still-kinda-actually cared about clothes. A time when we didn't get dressed for Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, blogs or street style. We weren't jaded and we didn't know what the fuck a four-in-hand knot was. We were just figuring it all out and it was a beautiful thing. These are the 50 greatest brands of our youth.