We know, New York Fashion Week is over. But sometimes you gotta let things simmer and come back to them a little later to reflect on just how great they really were. Great friend of this here website and our first ever resident street style photographer, Liam Goslett, posted up this stop motion video over at Details that documents a full fashion week's worth of street style in just under three minutes. Aside from all the sick shots included—which you can piece through if you're astute with the pause button—you also get a bit of insight into just how many photos these photogs take during their long days trying to get those fire snaps. There they are, on the hottest days, hunched over with their enormous ten pound cameras, trying to capture some of the dope footwear on display. There they are again, posted up outside the most popular shows and presentations to document dozens of editors, buyers and bloggers heading at them like a stampede of thirsty wildebeests. I'll tell you this as a street style subject first-timer, it's way more tiring for those guys. So, take two and a half minutes of your life to not just appreciate the photos, but the work that goes into making it all happen. All praises due, fam.