While everyone has chimed in about their take on the street style universe by now—it's either dying or dead at this point, apparently—no one is really worried about Nick Wooster. The man who lept from regular old department store fashion director transformed into a sensation overnight in 2010 during Milan Fashion Week. Mr. Porter followed around the man, the myth, the legend for a week to document his fits like the Instagram sensation (500k+ followers) he is.

He calls that fateful day in Milan "a lottery-winning moment" and can anyone really disagree? Nick has worked at so many important places, holding many a high-level gig, but his reputation as a street style god precedes him wherever he goes. He's made it work for him and now calls himself his own boss. Naturally, the freedom is a nice perk, "I'm working harder than ever, but it's on my terms. So when I say I'm leaving to go to the beach at 1pm or I'm off to Italy for a week, I don't have to ask anymore." Goddamn, now that's the fucking life.

For a guy who is photographed thousands of times each fashion week and, admittedly, never cooks, he also admits the diet comes and goes: "I'm not a model, I'm just a regular guy, and I'm short so Japanese brands tend to fit me well." Amen, Nick.