Last night (April 13), in a match against Bayern, PSG’s Neymar da Silva Santos Junior showed the world once again that he is one of football’s most purest, unfiltered players. His unrivalled, world-beating displays of technique, guile and skill has left fans of the game watching on in awe for over a decade, but dropping a Man of the Match performance to send PSG through to the Champions League semi finals—despite not scoring a goal—proved what he is all about. 

The Brazilian star didn’t need to put any numbers on the board last night to prove that he is one of the greatest natural sporting talents of our time. His ability to light up contests, leave defences on strings and viewers mesmerised by his every shimmy, feint and flick, is truly something to behold. Neymar looks like he’s at the peak of his powers right now, but it’s not just his on-the-field prowess that’s flourishing.

Off the pitch, Neymar is more lucrative than he’s ever been. At the end of 2020, he signed a long-term contract with PUMA that saw him become the face of the brand and the undisputed star of the show. With his stock the highest it’s ever been, Neymar has now linked up with Superdry—a move that the imprint are calling “a landmark moment in their history”—which has seen them join forces with the baller to amplify their message of sustainable style to a global audience. He is helping to spearhead Superdry’s sustainable vision for the future of fashion; the brand aim to have all pure cotton items organic by 2025, and is already supporting 20,000 farmers in India transition to organic farming as part of their Grow Future Thinking initiative.  

Fresh from signing another landmark deal that solidifies his status as one of the most marketable athletes in the world, we caught up with Neymar to talk through what inspires his off-pitch style, his vision of sustainable fashion and the importance of football doing more for the environment. 

“The European Championship? I don’t care much for the European Championship. I’m focused on Copa America, and Brazil definitely have to win.”