When: 2020
Key Pieces: Robes, tunics, workwear, denim, and blue Yeezy Gap “Perfect” hoodies. 

Now ignoring that ridiculous ‘Vision 2020’ merch and his faith-based campaign to run for POTUS, Kanye West’s style during this era was mostly calm and collected to say the least. During his Jesus Is King performances, Kanye wore dyed oversized T-shirts that looked more like tunics a monk would wear at some monastery in the mountains. And at his performances for the opera that accompanied Jesus Is King, titled Mary, we even saw Kanye take his religious-inspired looks to a whole new level by painting his face silver and donning a long silver robe. This was definitely another odd period for Ye when it comes to the evolution of his style. Perhaps one of the strangest looks he put on during this time was a natural extension of the Alyx chest packs he used to wear, since he suddenly held a presidential campaign rally while in a bulletproof vest. But nevertheless, some of Kanye’s more memorable looks from this time included outfits that showed his deep appreciation for denim and workwear. For example, Kanye showed up to the 2020 Met Gala wearing Dickie’s from head to toe and also frequently wore denim from Tremaine Emory’s Denim Tears x Levi’s collaboration. He also began teasing the Yeezy Gap line by frequently donning a blue “Perfect” hoodie, which may have no pockets but somehow always looked good on Kanye.—Lei Takanashi