Despite what its name suggests, workwear is universal. It feels as appropriate on the blue-collar guy waiting for coffee at Wawa as it does on the kid showing off his latest fit on Instagram. And while workwear pants are clearly a trendier option at the moment with the skinny pants silhouette falling out of vogue, streetwear has embraced the baggy pants made for carpentry and construction for decades.

Because workwear pants are a trend, many people are eager to try them out. With new designers putting their spin on the style and the vast array of options out there, it seemed like a good time to give some pointers on what you should consider if you are in the market for a new pair of dungarees or double-knees. 

From finding the perfect pair to match your personal style to choosing the right brand that fits your budget, check out some of our tips for how to wear workwear pants below.