Fred Perry has unveiled its latest link-up with London-based menswear designer, Nicholas Daley.

Often citing the interplay of fashion, music and culture as inspirations, this time Daley looks to the iconic roots of Peter Tosh, highlighting the synergy between music and martial arts during the 1970s. 

Tosh was a Jamaican reggae musician who, along with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer, was one of the core members of The Wailers. A skilled martial artist, Tosh often wore his karate clothing as a uniform, even on stage.

Items from the collection comprise a retro colour palette of golden orange, maroon, khaki and anthracite while combining Tosh’s karate background through patches designed by Nepalese illustrator Gaurab Thakali. Highlights include a co-branded polo shirt—which features a customisable knitted strip—and a four-colour stripe cotton piqué with a contrasting coloured collar and cuffs.

Thakali’s efforts continue across a waxed bomber, which features a Fred Perry chain-stitched motif on the reverse as if to signify the wearer’s team. Further offerings include an oversized fishtail parka in waxed cotton, featuring contrast panelling, corduroy trims and bespoke dual-branded badges on the sleeves.

“I feel there’s a good connection between both my brand and Fred Perry which ties in the ethos between celebrating different cultures and music,” says Daley. “That’s why I’ve produced the collection together with Fred Perry, as I feel we are aligned with our beliefs and brands: both being British fashion labels with a strong ethos on British subculture.” 

In addition to the collection, the duo have teamed up to announce the return of the Fred Perry x Nicholas Daley music grant, where unsigned British artists will have the chance to win a recording masterclass with Metropolis Studios.

Those wishing to enter have until August 5 to apply for the music grant and will have eir applications reviewed by a panel of “diverse and experienced” industry experts. Follow the link here to apply. 

The Fred Perry x Nicholas Dalley collection is available to cop online now.