In 2018 Beth Birkett, a costume designer and creative director who co-owns Union with her husband Chris Gibbs, introduced Bephie, a women’s streetwear brand that sold pieces at ComplexCon, Angelo Baque’s Social Studies, and collaborated with brands like Dickies. The brand aimed to give women of color a platform. 

For example, she helped No Sesso’s Pierre Davis venture into streetwear and worked with her on a collaboration that featured illustrations of Black women and traditionally Black names like LaKeisha, Shaniqwa, and LaTonya. Birkett then produced a fashion show for the collection at the Underground Museum in Los Angeles.

But once Covid-19 hit, Birkett had more time to think about what Bephie was, and that led her to introducing Bephies Beauty Supply, a brand and marketplace that expands on Bephie’s original mission — it supports women of color and LGBTQ entrepreneurs and creatives in any way it can.