Kim Kardashian Dressed up as Herself in the Infamous Met Gala Dress for Halloween

Kim Kardashian dressed up as herself in the infamous Met Gala dress for Halloween.

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Back in 2013 Kim Kardashian wore a bold, all-over-print floral dress to the annual Met Gala, and the entire internet roasted her for it. The late comedian Robin Williams tweeted out his teasing thoughts and Vogue even went as far to crop Kardashian out of a photo of Kanye West for their list of the evening’s best dressed. All in all, the general public deemed the dress was a brick—even if its designer Riccardo Tisci adamantly defended it.

Now, two years later, it looks like Kardashian is finally ready to laugh about it herself—she wore the infamous dress as her Halloween costume last night. Sharing out photos on Twitter with the caption “I think I nailed the Kim K costume” and “Still fits,” it’s nice to know the reality star has a good sense of humor when it comes to her fashion flops.

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