Stone Island's Disruptive Pattern Material Video Is a Trippy Look at a Rare Camo Pattern

See the Italian brand's take on this German camo.

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Stone Island continues to impress this season with some insane outerwear developments that would make the military jealous. We weren’t quite sure it was going to top its science-proven thermo sensitive jackets, but once again the Italian brand shows it never runs out of mind-blowing ideas.

This fall/winter 2013, the collection will see the addition of it’s own sick Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) selections. Building on the rarely used, but awesome, German flecktarn camouflage, the brand puts its own take of the spotted camo on a few of its outerwear items. While they don’t quite change colors like the brand’s previous environment-sensitive jackets, they are still worth a look if you want to stand out of the usual basic camo proliferating the streets. Trip yourself out and check out the video above.

[via Stone Island]

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