If JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, and Other Political Icons Were Hipsters, This Is What They'd Look Like

Illustrator Amit Shimoni calls this "hipsory."

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People have parodied presidents and political leaders for years. However, it wasn't until recently that someone thought to re-imagine them as hipsters. For his latest project, cleverly entitled "Hipsory," Israel artist Amit Shimoni decided to illustrate past presidents and historical leaders as hipsters. Suits, ties, and even beads of pearl get swapped for tie-dye tees, bomber jackets, and bling. For the first time ever, we see the ever so prim and well-shaved JFK rock a goatee and nose ring. Now Shimoni just has to illustrate some of today's leaders. Obama, Kim Jong-un, and Putin would be hilarious. See some of our favorites below, and cop his art here.




[via Esquire]

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