Gao Rong Showcases First Major Solo Exhibition at Eli Klein Fine Art

Featuring sculptures made entirely out of fabric and embroidery.

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Beijing-based artist Gao Rong recently opened her first major solo exhibition at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York City entitled "I Live in Beijing!." Gao recreates objects that she encountered on a daily basis as a student at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Using fabric, sponge, wire, and steel frames, Gao fashions stunningly realistic reproductions of items from her studio and home. Her creations allow viewers a glimpse into her memories and private life, which consists of familiar, ordinary things like a frayed sofa, a tarnished shower room, and used cardboard boxes. On the surface of her fabric sculptures, Gao has sewn thousands of intricate stitches to simulate rust and grime.

Perhaps the most detailed and extraordinary component of the exhibition is Gao's What Type of Car Can A Motor-Tricycle be Exchanged For?, a replica of an out-of-fashion motor-tricycle that Beijing locals used to drive.

"I Live in Beijing!" is on view at the Eli Klein Fine Art from now until October 20. For more information, visit the exhibition page here.

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