Stóffa's New Outerwear Is Butter


As you may or may not be aware, Stóffa got its start in the world of high-quality hats. Now, the brand has a bit of a footing and has moved into the more expansive arena of outerwear (and trousers too, but outerwear, as always, is the topic at hand). I've been following along with the brand's Instagram, waiting for some concrete information about the new drop and it's finally here. Get a load of this butter. An abbreviated, but curated selection of fire outerwear silhouettes is the next step for Stóffa with an asymmetric rider, flight and field jacket done in a variety of fabrics, mostly different types of suede. Naturally, that comes with some conditions like a $700 to $1,700 price range depending on the model and fabric of choice, but when compared to similar jackets on the market that's actually quite reasonable, especially when you consider both the made in Italy and made to measure nature of what you're getting. Back to that made to measure bit, though. The only way to get your hands on these joints is through an actual appointment or stopping by Stóffa's first ever trunk show, which coincidentally starts tomorrow at C'H'C'M' right here in New York. I'd rather take a bullet to the face than this tasty lambskin get touched. Try me.

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