Hedi Slimane Has Doubled Saint Laurent's Revenue


To avoid making this a boring as shit business post about revenues, income, profits, holding companies and conglomerates, and the fact that even though fashion is about "art," it's still about making that paper, let's not worry so much about too many numbers and get right to the fucking point: Since hiring Hedi Slimane as creative director three years ago in 2012, Saint Laurent has straight up doubled its revenue according to parent company Kering's earnings announcements.

In 2014 alone, SLP's revenue leaped 27% to a whopping 707.3 million Euros or approximately $802 million American dollars. That's a lot of fucking money and it's basically completely due to Hedi being Hedi and doing what he does best: Making leather-clad rockstars look cool in very expensive and overpriced garments. Shit man, I have barely doubled my Twitter followers in the past three years, let alone been responsible for the complete overhaul and rebranding of a renowned fashion house worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Big ups to Hedi on this one. That name change everyone hated at first seems to have worked out just fine after all.

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