Moral Victories Over Your Significant Other's Family


Have you ever been put into a situation where you need to dress somewhat normal and you take a look over your wardrobe and realize you have, like, ZERO normal clothes? I just mean casual, normal shit. Like, say for Thanksgiving in a few weeks you're finally spending a few days with her family. You'll be in tight quarters with the relatives for an extended period of time. You can't go full turbo. At worst they'll question how good of a decision dating you is and, at best, they'll definitely make fun of you. Families of significant others are like fucking stand up comedians when the holidays come around. Oh, there's someone in the house who isn't normally here on Thanksgiving? Let's make things even more awkward than they usually are and roast the fucking shit out of them. The best way to avoid such ridicule is to look somewhat normal. So, just wear a grew sweatshirt like this one from Officine Generale. They might ask you if you broke a pen on your shoulders, but that will be the extent of it. Consider it a moral victory.

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