Raise Mr. Rogers' Cardigan Into The Rafters


Margaret Howell garments are all so subtly amazing they become kinda hard to write about. And since I'm a glorified blogger who is essentially paid to shop for myself, I don't want to strain a muscle working too hard. But this is a grey cardigan by Ms. Howell that typifies everything great about the concept of a cardigan, mostly because it is ribbed. Ribbed garments are inherently and objectively better than non-ribbed ones because they actually cling to your body better and don't stretch out as much. That's an actual fact based on my personal experience. Also, the neck here has that weird baseball collar detail. I love that. I move that all cardigans adopt this neck detail and have buttons up to the neck in order to make the art of cholo-ing easier. Then, we could retire the classic deep-v-zip-down Mr. Rogers joint. That shit should have been raised into the rafters when he passed anyway.

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