Margaret Howell Fall/Winter 2015 Is Better In The Wild


It's kind of embarrassing that we don't show more love to the OG Margaret Howell. Her brand maintains a fairly low profile, so it's not like there is a ton out there, but we can always turn the spotlight to her collections, which are solid, dignified and classic. You might think they're boring, but you might be an idiot who thinks that LSD is the only way to expand your mind. Marge stays steady killing it and while we're not necessarily card-carrying members of the blazer-wearing set, she turns out reliable, well-rounded gear every time. The specific highlights of F/W 15 are the abundance of fine wool turtlenecks, vests that look like they've been ripped off of bombers and distinctly British outerwear. My one issue here is that it's a damn shame that the brand didn't style these looks up a little more. I feel like Margaret Howell gear looks so much better in the wild than on a stock image background. It's really one of those brands that isn't at the forefront of your mind until you see it in person, try it on a lark and end up wearing it all the goddamn time. And those are the best brands when you think about it.

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