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You should probably keep up with the times, bruh. This fashion shit moves at the speed of light and you're about as quick as molasses in January. Which is why we're here to keep you current. Consider this is your introduction to Gioventú New York. For those of you keeping score at home, "gioventú" means "youth" in Italian.

The brand straight up launched a drone strike on my radar when I saw a random photo of their hockey shirts: black/white and black-on-black jerseys accented with thick mesh stripes across the forearms and torso—a simple, yet worthwhile concept that could not be any more fire. Unfortunately, I was too late to cop one of my own as they sold out like hotcakes upon release (the irony of me telling you to keep up with the times here is not lost on me). However, with a reverse Google image search, I found their website and did what any anti-social journalist would: I slid into their DMs.

Charlie Giannetti started Gioventú in 2013 with partner Richie Siegel joining up in early 2014 after the two meet in class at NYU. I already felt like a true old, but upon hearing this, immediately checking my 401k. With Charlie's experience at a Los Angeles manufacturer that produced for James Perse and other companies, and Richie's penchant for business and tech, the brand started with small-scale collaborations that produced Versace-like patterned tees, Wil Fry-esque mesh jerseys and the aforementioned hockey shirt bangers. While the fledgling collaborations were a bit gaudy, today the brand aims towards altered basics—a sort of Oak NYC meets John Elliott vibe. Yes, I know, highly cosignable.

Like other brands just getting their start, Gioventú employs a sort of "anti-seasonal" approach, flash releasing products one at a time every couple months with the aims to build up funds for a complete collection later on. The brand's S/S 15 line is already in the works conceptually. Now, the two just hope to create enough traction to actually make it happen.

Thankfully for them and for us, the brand's newest product is available for pre-order today. The Essex T (above) is manufactured in New York, comes in natural and storm grey colorways, is made of hefty organic cotton, has a deep curved hem and includes a mesh side panel accent that allows for a slight breeze to roll across the wearer's torso. Pretty nifty, no? Shirts will ship out mid-September. Next up on the docket? A variation on the aforementioned hockey shirts in new colors and in french terry and thermal materials. Look for your head to explode out of your asshole when details on those emerge closer to October.

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