Les Plus Dores Tees Let You Rep Your Favorite Fashion Designer

What team you on; Team Margiela, Tisci, or Slimane?

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The streets of NYC have been abuzz lately with the vision of a reblog. Margiela. Tisci. Slimane. All on the back of T-shirts like someone has created a major designer all-star team. You needn't look any further than the new brand out of NYC, Les plus Dores, who have created some interesting T-shirts. These simple jersey-inspired T-shirts feature the name and birth year of some great label heads, but are only offered in limited numbers. There isn't much more information out about these gems and that's what's so fun about them.

You can catch the team "Slimane" T-shirt drop on Friday, August 31 in the Les plus Dores webshop, but you better be quick because they are only limited to 100 pieces.

[via les plus dorés]

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