UNITED ARROWS' Colorful Spring Collection Keeps It Way Too Real

For the sniveling, ventured-out-in-pajamas boy in us all.


It's always nice to see someone you identify with in the elusive world of #style. The everyday dude can only glance through a catalogue of beautiful people with chiseled features and $7,000 t-shirts for so long. 

That's what makes UNITED ARROWS' spring 2014 lookbook so sweet - it's a collection of 'fits that you can see yourself wearing, modeled by a bunch of guys who run the gamut, appearance-wise. Their normality makes the clothing light up that much more. An aggressively bearded dude in a patterned suit looks refined, while the guy blowing his nose doesn't distract from a standout paisley tie. Also, the gentleman in the pajama set holding a coffee mug looks like your one haggard homie did last weekend.

These pieces, from brands like Gitman Vintage, Hancock, Andersons and even a limited edition collaborative effort from Nick Wooster, are currently available at all UNITED ARROWS locations.

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